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Nate the greatest (2261802) writes "For the longest time now ereader makers have been copying each other. The leading ereaders have been improved by adding a frontlight, touchscreen, and even a higher resolution screen, but for a couple years now it's seemed like Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon never looked beyond the features already found on competing devices.

Today that changed. Kobo has unveiled a new ereader with a unique screen size. The Aura HD has a 6.8" E-ink screen with a resolution of 1440 by 1080. Not only is that the sharpest e-ink screen on the market, it is also a higher resolution screen than can be found on the Nook HD or any other 7" tablet. It looks like the Aura HD could ignite an ereader arms race as Amazons scrambles to release an ereader with a screen as sharp as the one on the Aura HD."

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Kobo Aura HD Could be The First True Kindle Killer

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  • I own a Kobo Glo eReader, and it's quite nice: matches the Kindle Paperwhite in durability, build quality, speed (like that matters), battery life, etc., while still giving the user some freedom (like microSD slots). If any company can one-up Amazon in the eReader market, it's Kobo.

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