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+ - NASA Proposal Reignites Asteroid vs. Return to the Moon Controversy->

Submitted by MarkWhittington
MarkWhittington writes: While NASA's plan to capture an asteroid, bring it closer to Earth, and then visit it with astronauts has gotten wide spread support, especially in the commercial space sector, that support is not universal. A group of congressmen is submitting legislation to compel NASA to return to the moon by 2022. In the meantime a report has surfaced that suggests that NASA is about to sign an agreement with Bigelow Aerospace, a commercial space firm that proposes to build a private space station built with inflatable modules, to develop an approach to further NASA's space exploration goals, including building a lunar base, commercially, with the space agency providing technical and perhaps financial support.
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NASA Proposal Reignites Asteroid vs. Return to the Moon Controversy

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