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Submission Japan's NTT developes 1Pbps Fiber Link-> 1

ESRB writes: Japan's NTT claims to have developed a backhaul link capable of achieving 1Pbps over a distance of 50km using a single fibre. NTT's report states that it used a specially-designed optical fibre in which one fibre strand contained 12 "cores" — light paths within the fibre that don't interact with each other. Each of those fibres carried an 84.5 Terabit-per-second signal to achieve the total 1 Pbps throughput.
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Japan's NTT developes 1Pbps Fiber Link

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  • Although the US invented and developed the internet, it now seems that the cutting edge of its development is more and more taking place overseas. Australia, Germany, Korea, and now Japan and Denmark, are moving well ahead of the pace of internet speeds giving them unparalleled advantage in everything from executing high speed financial transaction to distributed, parallel computing.

    With more budget cuts by the GOP and Tea Parties now in the offering for research, development and science, not to mention fa

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