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+ - Winnti Cyberespionage Campaign Targets Gaming Companies->

Submitted by msm1267
msm1267 (2804139) writes "A cybercrime gang has been running roughshod over the gaming industry for years using malware signed with valid digital certificates to steal source code and valuable in-game currency for a number of popular online games.
Researchers at Kaspersky Lab this morning published a report on the Winnti gang, which has been active since 2009 targeting more than 30 gaming companies located primarily in Southeast Asia and was successful in launching the first Trojan, in this case the Plug X remote administration tool (RAT), on a 64-bit version of Windows signed with a valid cert.
The Winnti group stole game “runes” or “gold” which are used by players to convert the virtual gains into actual money. The stolen source code was used to search for vulnerabilities in the game that were ultimately exploited to accumulate in-game money. It was also used by the attackers to deploy their own pirated versions of gaming servers."

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Winnti Cyberespionage Campaign Targets Gaming Companies

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