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Submitted by garymortimer
garymortimer (1882326) writes "French manufacturers of the worlds most popular drone have plainly run into problems.

They issued a statement yesterday:-

AR.Freeflight 2.2 was removed from iTunes last month due to the need for patents’ clarification on accelerometer and absolute control. In the meantime, we have enriched AR.Race2 App (version 2.2) with a free piloting mode in order for our customers using iOS devices to continue enjoying flying the AR.Drone. We’ll keep you updated. Sincerely, Parrot Team

Its not noted if the patent issue affects the Android version of its software which was behind its iOS version anyway. Back in 2010 I thought that Apples TOS 4.2 changes might push the platform towards Android."

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AR.Drone software removed from iTunes,patent concerns.

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