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+ - World Amateur Radio Day April 18->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Amateur Radio: Entering Its Second Century of Disaster Communications

Newington, CT, USA. 4/9/2013 — The 2013 theme “Amateur Radio: Entering Its Second Century of Disaster Communications” highlights the continuing importance of radio amateurs in disasters as they find ways to communicate world wide without relying on commercial systems. There are well over 700,000 “ham radio” licensees in the USA and about 2 ½ million worldwide. This international community of wireless communications devotees will celebrate World Amateur Radio Day on April 18th as they recall the technical advances their Amateur Radio Service has made and their ongoing services to neighborhoods in crisis.

The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) and its member societies representing more than 160 countries around the world celebrate World Amateur Radio Day each year on April 18, the anniversary of the founding of the IARU. This is the 88th anniversary of the foundation.
Today’s hams continue to explore new frontiers. Radio amateurs are finding ways to use frequencies at the fringes of the radio spectrum while developing marriages of radio and the internet and experimenting with new forms of digital communications. Ham radio operators are “amateurs” only because they are unpaid volunteers, but their skills and contributions to the world are of the highest order."

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World Amateur Radio Day April 18

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