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+ - Coding competition. Like checkmate in five

Submitted by Peter (Professor) Fo
Peter (Professor) Fo (956906) writes "You know those chess puzzles that go 'Black to move, checkmate in five', what about code-fixing of a spot the bug type puzzle that might go: 'Add two sets of brackets to ...' or 'Add one line of not more than ten characters to fix this sort routine.' or 'rewrite the inner function to increase the speed by an order of magnitude by changing up to four lines'

This is the sort of mental challenge that should be bread and butter to programmers, can be set at different levels of difficulty and provide a diversion from our own bloody code-knots. The emphasis to be on coding algorithms rather than stupid bugs or quirks.

I'm curious too know if there is a home for such puzzles, people have examples and if anyone would be generally interested."
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Coding competition. Like checkmate in five

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