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+ - EDU Accountability Billionaires Lack Accountability 1

Submitted by theodp
theodp (442580) writes "'For the past several years,' writes Diane Ravitch, 'three billionaires have foisted untested, unreliable, metrics-driven, inhumane teacher evaluation policies onto our nation’s teachers. In this misguided effort to find a yardstick to reduce teacher quality to a number, no one has been more energetic than Bill Gates.' Also blaming Gates for sponsoring teacher evaluation disasters is Anthony Cody, who was flabbergasted by a Gates Washington Post op-ed decrying 'hastily contrived, unproven' teacher development and evaluation systems. Cody argues it's time to hold Gates and others accountable for their handiwork, and kicks things off with a Billionaire Philanthropist Evaluation for Gates. Perhaps fueling Cody's ire was the timing of Gates' screed, which was published a day after 35 former Atlanta Public Schools teachers and administrators — including ex-superintendent Beverly Hall, a one-time Gates-Foundation-school-reform-poster child — had to turn themselves in to police after being indicted on charges ranging from racketeering to theft that stemmed from a district-wide test cheating scandal. Gates-led education reform lives on in Atlanta via data-driven inBloom, Inc. (formerly Shared Learning Collaborative), which has received $100+ million from the Gates Foundation and partnered with nine states and Rupert Murdoch's Wireless Generation on a planned nationwide database of student information (Wireless Generation is part of News Corp.'s Amplify Education, which announced an education tablet at SXSWedu)."
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EDU Accountability Billionaires Lack Accountability

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