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Submitted by CowboyRobot
CowboyRobot (671517) writes "Jasmine McTigue is the IT manager for Carwild Corp. a medical device manufacturer with offices in the U.S. and the Dominican Republic. She runs a mostly Dell shop, but Dell's recent announcement about going private has raised the costs of new hardware, and she decided to look at DIY options for a storage area network
"Now I have six channels of SATA2 connectivity, 12TB of raw space and two server-grade iSCSI NICs that I can use receive side scaling to distribute across the Atom's whopping dual 1.6GHz cores. Add two more drives for a total of 18TB raw space, and a bigger PSU for plenty of power. Here's the total cost, excluding the $225 in parts I reused: board, memory, chassis ($225); 18TB of 3TB SATA ($750); network card ($80); SATA PCIe mini card ($50); and power supply ($50). My grand total was $1,155 in hardware.""

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Why I Built My Own SAN: A Case Study

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