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+ - Covering Contingencies While Starting Out as a Mobile App Developer

Submitted by Niris
Niris (1443675) writes "I am currently a senior in computer science, and am expecting to graduate in December. I have an internship lined up in Android development with medium sized company that builds apps for much larger corporations, and I have recently begun a foray into iOS development. So far my experience with Android ranges from a small mobile game (basically ‘Asteroids’), a Japanese language study aide, and a fairly large mobile app for a local non-profit that uses RSS feeds, Google Cloud Messaging and various APIs. I have also recently started working with some machine learning algorithms and sensors/the ADK to start putting together a prototype for a mobile business application for mobile inspectors. My question is whether this is enough diversity in my background to not have to worry if a lot of what I have been reading about the ‘app bubble’ popping comes true, or if there’s another similar area of programming that I should look into in order to have some contingencies in place if things go south. My general interests and experience have so far been in mobile app development with Java and C++ (using the NDK), and some web development on both the client and server side. Thank you!"
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Covering Contingencies While Starting Out as a Mobile App Developer

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