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+ - European Watchdogs Prepare Probes Over Google Privacy Policy

Submitted by twoheadedboy
twoheadedboy (2025278) writes "Google is in hot water over privacy again. This time it is facing the wrath of no less than six regulators in Europe, after it failed to do enough to stop CNIL, the French privacy watchdog, ordering Europe-wide investigations. France, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain will all look into Google's policy changes of 2012. Those amendments caused a furore amongst privacy advocates, largely because, by lumping all of its different services' privacy policies into one document, it effectively said it could transfer data across different divisions without asking users' permission. EU commissioner Viviane Reding said they broke EU law. Meanwhile, Google's privacy director Alma Whitten departed yesterday, but it's unclear whether the exit is related to the saga. Google itself said in February that CNIL was in fact the one not responding to questions adequately..."
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European Watchdogs Prepare Probes Over Google Privacy Policy

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