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+ - Windows 8 Now Up To 3.31% Market Share As Vista Finally Falls Below The 5% Mark

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "With the first quarter of 2013 already over, Windows 8 continues its slow but steady growth. The latest market share data from Net Applications shows that March 2013 was a decent one for Windows 8, which gained 0.52 percentage points (from 2.79 percent to 3.31 percent) while Windows 7 regained 0.18 percentage points (from 44.55 percent to 44.73) after gaining just 0.07 percentage points the previous month and losing a sizeable 0.63 percentage points the month before. Windows Vista meanwhile is down 0.18 percentage points (from 5.17 percent to 4.99 percent), meaning it has finally below the 5 percent mark. Vista fell below the 10 percent mark all the way back in July 2011. Windows XP has lost a whopping 1.26 percentage points (from 38.99 percent to 37.73), so this is definitely a month full of good news for Microsoft."
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Windows 8 Now Up To 3.31% Market Share As Vista Finally Falls Below The 5% Mark

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