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Submission Insights Into GEMA Handling - Or Why With GEMA, Everybody Struggles->

Deus.1.01 writes: "While we're being drunk at the revision demo party we still get introspective and get productive shit done.
"Audience: Everybody interested in German party organizing, BIEM-protected musicians, or plainly everybody interested in why GEMA seems to suffer from its own fee structure.

Whenever GEMA is topic or involved, you seem to hear statements like, It‘s just fucked up that the situation exists.“ But what is it with GEMA? Why does it seem to be such a bad organization, even in comparison with sibling members of BIEM? Netpoet gives insights into what GEMA does, into fee structures, and why, when it comes to handling GEMA, even GEMA seems to struggle.""

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Insights Into GEMA Handling - Or Why With GEMA, Everybody Struggles

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