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+ - Industrial Internet: The Machines Are Talking-> 1

Submitted by pfignaux
pfignaux (39568) writes "Interesting things start to emerge when everything's connected to a network. Car windshield-wipers become networked rain sensors; airplanes become flying data centers controlled through an API; and dishwashers check the power grid for the best time to start in order to save you money on your electricity bill. If you're interested in the opportunities the Industrial Internet has to offer, check out Jon Bruner's recent report on O'Reilly Radar."
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Industrial Internet: The Machines Are Talking

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  • This is one of the possibilities with networking. Automatically recommends when to hang the washing based on the weather in neighbouring houses or straight from the internet weather. Automatically add items to your shopping list based on what is going bad in the fridge and your trend of eating your favourite foods with recommendations. The possibilities are endless! Technology is truly the best.

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