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+ - New study finds that music sales are not significantly affected by piracy.->

Submitted by HungryMonkey
HungryMonkey writes: A report published by the European Commission Joint Research Centre claims that music web piracy does not harm legitimate sales.

Using clickstream data on a panel of more than 16,000 European consumers, we estimate the effects of illegal downloading and legal streaming on the legal purchases of digital music. Our results suggest that Internet users do not view illegal downloading as a substitute to legal digital music.

And in a big shocker, the IFPI claims the study is flawed.

IFPI believes the JRC study is flawed and misleading. The findings seem disconnected from commercial reality, are based on a limited view of the market and are contradicted by a large volume of alternative third party research that confirms the negative impact of piracy on the legitimate music business.

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New study finds that music sales are not significantly affected by piracy.

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