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+ - Ask Slashdot: How to best block web content 1

Submitted by willoughby
willoughby (1367773) writes "Many routers today have the capability to block web content. And you all know about browser addons like noscript & adblock. But where is the "proper" place for such content blocking? Is it best to have the router only route packets & do the content blocking on each machine? If using the content blocking feature in the router, will performance degrade if the list of blocked content grows large? Where is the best place to filter/block web content?"
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Ask Slashdot: How to best block web content

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  • I'm really not the person who has the answers, but I think it depends on a few things: Are you filtering unwanted content from your children, e.g. violence, nudity? Or are you just blocking ads on your computer? How many computers are we talking about here? Five at home, or five hundred at your local school, where you work as a sysadmin? Very interesting questions though!

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