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+ - Big data will keep driverless cars off roads until 2040, analyst says->

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colinneagle (2544914) writes "IDC's program manager for product lifecycle strategies Sheila Brennan is leading a new effort in the research firm to gauge the potential time to market for autonomous vehicles. Brennan says Ford and Google are both accurate in their prediction that driverless cars will be street-ready within the next few years, but not with their expectations for them to reach mainstream markets by 2025. She sees too many barriers, and says adoption will more likely reach the mainstream around 2040. Privacy, cybersecurity and safety are the first concerns that come to mind when autonomous cars are discussed. But another problem with just as much of an impact lurks around the corner, and leaves plenty of questions to be answered.

"It's extremely valuable data," Brennan says. "I can't argue that point. That data will be worth a lot, and it's still not clear, again, how the consumer will play out."

It's still unclear who will own the data generated by autonomous cars, and given how valuable the data will be to auto manufacturers, insurance companies, and third-party advertisers, it is likely to be a competitive data grab when the technology is ready. Some manufacturers are already asking drivers to sign waivers granting them permission to use their data. Will consumers oblige, or will it cause a privacy-minded backlash against manufacturers?"

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Big data will keep driverless cars off roads until 2040, analyst says

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