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+ - Dreamfall Chapters release planned in Nov 2014->

Submitted by ash*embers
ash*embers (725483) writes "After licensing the rights from Funcom, who sat on the Dreamfall franchise for years, Ragnar Tornquist has spearheaded the upstart & independent Red Thread Games, which recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to begin production of Dreamfall Chapters, sequel to Dreamfall, the 2006 GameSpy Adventure Game of the Year. Long seen as , this project has surpassed its initial goal of $850,000 (currently at $1,326,000+), and has returned most of the original programmers, artists and actors. It also has reached its stretch funding goals for Windows, Mac and Linux versions, with further stretch goals of making versions for IOS, Android, Ouya and Steambox to go before the campaign ends on Sunday, Mar 10, 7:04am.EDT."
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Dreamfall Chapters release planned in Nov 2014

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