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+ - Jonathon Riddell, Others, Not Subtle In Attacks Against Ubuntu's New Approach->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Amidst all the drama stemming for Ubuntu’s announcement of the the Mir display server, their new secretive approach, and the increasing commercialization of the product, the easy thing to do is point a finger. And where do you point it first? You might point it at Mark Shuttleworth. You might point it at Jono Bacon. You might simply recognize vocally that we’ve all been sheep in the grand scheme of this and are now off to slaughter.

This is increasingly obvious considering all of the targeted outpour of resistance towards Canonical’s new approach to Ubuntu by leaders in the community. It seems that people like Riddell and Martin Owens are starting to realize that they’ve been raising a barn for Ubuntu, and their work is just about done. Have Kubuntu, other Ubuntu derivatives, and community members simply been a means to an end? I’ve been feeling the rage in the community build since Martin Gräßlin made clear that Wayland FUD was more FUD than he could wade through, but since Miguel de Icaza came forward to announce he is abandoning Linux for Mac, Riddell has been full of Twitter-length one-liners that are not too far from reality. He writes:"

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Jonathon Riddell, Others, Not Subtle In Attacks Against Ubuntu's New Approach

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