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+ - 5 year old accidentally spends $2570 in 10 minutes on free iPad game->

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SternisheFan writes "Slashgear reports: Danny Kitchen wanted to play Zombies vs. Ninja on his parents’ iPad. The parents unlocked the iPad, saw that the game was free, and allowed their son to play. What they didn’t realize was that Danny could make in-app purchases in the game, and that’s exactly what he did. Danny’s parents were busy entertaining a group of guests, so they weren’t able to keep an eye on what their son was doing. Unfortunately for them, their oversight almost cost them 1,710.43 Pounds, or around $2570.

Danny made 12 purchases of 333 keys at 69.99 pounds each, 7 sets of 333 ecstasy bombs at 69.99 pounds each, 5 sets of 9000 darts at 69.99 pounds each, 5 sets of 4200 darts for 5.49 pounds each (why is this so much cheaper than the 9000?), and some more ecstasy bombs at 3.22 pounds each. The following Monday, Danny’s mother, Sharon Kitchen, received 19 e-mails from iTunes confirming Danny’s purchases. She disregarded it because she thought it was a mistake. It wasn’t until she received a call from her credit card company confirming these transactions with her."

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5 year old accidentally spends $2570 in 10 minutes on free iPad game

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