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The Internet

+ - Ziff-Davis shuts down Gamespy

Submitted by mvar
mvar (1386987) writes "Thursday 21 was the last day of operation for famous PC gaming site The parent company, ZIff Davis, which owns the IGN network announced that they'll be closing down Gamespy along with sites 1UP and UGO. Gamespy has been running since 1999, offering a multiplayer match-making service for various games. Although the site's content has been dropping in quality and quantity since 2008 with a lot of columns (like planetFargo, top 10 etc) taking the axe, during the last 12 months the game reviews and related articles seemed to stray away from the path of praising every and all mainstream titles, and became more objective and independent than ever."
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Ziff-Davis shuts down Gamespy

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