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Submission + - Petition started to Banish tethering fees (

kd4zqe writes: After getting constantly badgered by AT&T to take away my unlimited data plan, I've started a petition to fight back against the injustices that the Big 2 (ATT and Verizon) force down our throats for the "privilege" of allowing our 1's and 0's we've rightfully paid for once, to be used by consumers as we wish. I'd appreciate /.'s support in possibly getting this issue recognized by The Big House as an issue that needs to be addressed and rectified.

From my petition: "They need to realize that they are just "dumb pipes" for delivering 1's and 0's. They are a utility, and should not be charging additional rates for data usage. The radio in my phone can move data at a set rate based on the service it is receiving, but once that data gets to my phone, it's none of AT&T's darn business what I do with it. If I want to download a 100MB picture and then delete it, that's my prerogative. It's like the water company charging you more for water you drink vs. water you flush down the toilet."

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Petition started to Banish tethering fees

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