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+ - Google Fiber Mobile Idea Contest Launched By The Disruption Institute->

Submitted by kcitp
kcitp (2848621) writes "The Disruption Institute, a developer educational program with the vision of making Kansas City into a world leader for mobile innovation, has announced a Fiber Mobile Idea Scholarship Contest to foster the creation of app ideas on Google's next generation network.

From The Article

"The Disruption Institute will select three winners — the ones it thinks has the most viable/innovative app submission and ideas — and give them a full scholarship that covers the $4,000 tuition for the course to learn from experts in Kansas City. Once there, scholarship recipients will join in on a 12 week course starting on March 4 to learn how to code in iOS and build mobile apps.

To help with its program, the organization has received support from multiple companies interested in mobile app development for faster speed Internet. Perhaps the biggest name is Sprint, which offers students an interesting mobile perspective. Others include One Louder Apps, the creator of Tweetcaster, Sporting Innovations, the company that developed the technology for the Major League Soccer team SportingKC, and Intouch Solutions, developers of the GoMeals app which has over 500,000 downloads.""

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Google Fiber Mobile Idea Contest Launched By The Disruption Institute

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