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Submission + - Mandiant APT1 Report Used as a Lure in Phishing Campaigns (

Orome1 writes: "Mandiant is warning that two malicious versions of their recently released APT1 report have been detected being used as lures in two distinct email phishing campaigns. The first has been spotted by Symantec, and comes in an email written in Japanese. The attached file opens a blank PDF and executes exploit code for a recently patched Adobe Acrobat and Reader remote code execution vulnerability. "From our analysis, the exploit fails to drop any malware onto the computer. It is worth noting that there may potentially be other variants that are successful in dropping malware," shares Symantec's Joji Hamada, who also made sure to add that the email has obviously been written by someone who is not a native Japanese speaker."
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Mandiant APT1 Report Used as a Lure in Phishing Campaigns

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