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Submission + - Intel Slips Out Preview Video of Clover Trail+ Powered Lenovo K900 Smartphone->

MojoKid writes: "Intel's François Piednoël is no fan of the competition making claims about what his company can and can't do, so he's taken to video to showcase what the company's upcoming Clover Trail+ SoC is capable of. A quote that helps lead into the video comes from ARM, which claims that "Intel will never be the leader in silicon power efficiency". That leads into Intel's teasing, "They told you it was not possible", before revealing the Lenovo IdeaPhone K900, first announced at last month's CES. On the phone, Epic's popular Android benchmark Citadel, running smooth as butter at a cool 1080p. While there are many phones out there that can run this benchmark well, even at 1080p, Intel's intent here was obviously to prove that its latest x86 architecture isn't lacking for smartphones."
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Intel Slips Out Preview Video of Clover Trail+ Powered Lenovo K900 Smartphone

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