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+ - Microsoft Allows Transfer of Office 2013 License if PC Fails Under Warranty->

Submitted by hypnosec
hypnosec writes: Microsoft, in a bid to calm things down a bit about its recent Office 2013 licensing ‘boo hoo’, has issued a clarification regarding the changes in the licensing terms of its latest office productivity suite. Microsoft confirmed a few days back that the new licensing terms in Office 2013 does actually tie a perpetual license of the suite to a computer on which it was installed first – meaning that if a PC is dead the Office license dies along with it. In a blog post that details the licensing terms of Office 2013 and how it compares to Office 2010’s terms, Redmond does admit that the license of the latest office productivity suite is indeed tied to a single PC but has clarified that it would allow users to transfer license if their computers failed while under warranty.
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Microsoft Allows Transfer of Office 2013 License if PC Fails Under Warranty

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