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Submitted by Nassim Amar
Nassim Amar writes: "There is a growing stigma, at least with the people I hang out with about “work”. The activity is seen as something that you “give-up” everything else for. An attitude that is quite common on the human collective’s consciousness today and I’m very interested in it’s implications. In order to become skillful and create great things, you need to maximize your time doing that said activity. Hence it’s never a sprint but a marathon. Now, how can we enjoy this marathon?

I once read that, once you stop seeing work as work but as a default state then it stops being work altogether, mind the paraphrasing if you can.

I love programming for example. I spent most of my younger years lost in the jungles of computers and circuits. It was definitely “play” at the time and hence devoid of any obligations to anyone, schedule and other “stress” factors, essentially a hobby."

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Hobby vs Job

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