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+ - Thoughts on the near-Earth object impact threat, UN style->

Submitted by alpinista
alpinista (770893) writes "From: Recommendations of the Action Team on Near-Earth Objects for an international response to the near-Earth object impact threat"

"When a threatening object is detected and the threat is deemed credible by IAWN, this fact and the associated details should be presented to the Committee on
the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space. The Committee should assess the risk and encourage spacefaring nations to move forward to develop plans, coordinated via
the space mission planning advisory group, to deflect the threatening object. At the same time, the Committee should notify the impact disaster planning advisory group
of the threat and could establish an ad hoc mitigation mission advisory group to encourage international response activities and advise planning for and response to
the threat, including deflection (if time allows), civil defence actions and disaster mitigation."

Do we really want to leave this to a committee?"

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Thoughts on the near-Earth object impact threat, UN style

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