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+ - Indian court bans 78 URL/Domain critical of a fake teching school-> 1

Submitted by Vijaysj
Vijaysj (1003992) writes "IIPM has managed to get India to censor 78 websites (Including a government circular that de-recognized the institute and stated that it was not allowed to confer degrees and a few satire sites( & )

Some of the domain that were banned are no longer accessible from india e.g, etc.

Since some of the content is articles in various newspaper whose entire domains are blocked it is possible that the content will be removed (and lost for ever) as the newspaper's remove the content in-order to continue business. The list of banned url are available at

Can fellow slashdotters confirm as to whether these url's are accessible outside India"

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Indian court bans 78 URL/Domain critical of a fake teching school

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