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+ - Candidate for FCC Chair supports universal access to high speed internet

Submitted by doug141
doug141 (863552) writes "Susan Crawford, law school professor and author of Captive Audience: The Telecom Industry and Monopoly in the New Guilded Age, says “Truly high-speed wired Internet access is as basic to innovation, economic growth, social communication, and the country’s competitiveness as electricity was a century ago,” Crawford writes, “but a limited number of Americans have access to it, many can’t afford it, and the country has handed control of it over to Comcast and a few other companies.”

In a recent TV interview, she pointed out high speed access in Hong Kong costs a fraction of what it does in New York city, because the US providers don't enter each other's markets. She wants to change that.

There's a petition to appoint Susan as FCC Chairman."
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Candidate for FCC Chair supports universal access to high speed internet

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