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Submission + - ACJU's response to allegations against halal certification (blogspot.com)

tgr1996 writes: "“We have not and will never compel any company to be Halal certified if
they do not wish to,” said ACJU member Shaik Fazil Farook. He added that
just as they do not compel Halal certification of companies, the ACJU also
does not force Muslims, or anyone else, to consume Halal foods.
The ACJU expressed that the Hahal certification is 100% voluntary and said
that the allegations were baseless and could be verified from any vendor who has been certified with the association.
The ACJU explained that any company that wished to be Halal certified
should send in an application with their Standard of Procedures (SOP). Once
all documents are received, the association regularly visits the site of"

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ACJU's response to allegations against halal certification

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