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lenwood writes: "I've been getting unsolicited calls from the same company for the past 2+ years, "selling" a lower APR for my credit card. They're quick to hang up if I ask them to remove me from their calling list, so they've never heard me say that. They've called from literally dozens of numbers (and area codes), so call blocking is no use. I'm at my wit's end, how can I put a stop to this nonsense?"
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How Do You Stop Call Spam?

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  • I once had a similar problem until I started soliciting conversations with the callers. My record was just over 20 minutes of talking without them being able to begin their speech. Eventually they must have added me to the "don't bother with" list as I haven't received a call in over 6 months.

    Some helpful topics:

    - Ask them where they are from. If it is a different country (ie outsourced) ask them question about what it is like living there.
    - Ask them about the weather where they are.
    - Imagine they are a dea

    • by lenwood (930461)
      I've done this a couple of times, and will likely repeat it again. Its a great idea. My issue is that they call so damned often. Its not even noon on Wednesday yet, and they've already called me 5 time this week.

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