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+ - Eucalyptus: We're More Open Than Other Open Clouds->

Submitted by 1sockchuck
1sockchuck (826398) writes "In a landscape with dueling open clouds, which is the most open? Cloud software specialist Eucalyptus sees pushing boundaries of openness as an opportunity. "We’re extending our open model into professional services," said CEO Marten Mickos. "Anyone can look at the source code, training material, documents that go around the code, everything. We realize that our competitors will look at it, but we’re happy to offer it to the world in order to better the product." The open cloud arena is becoming more competitive with the growth of OpenStack, CloudStack and OpenNebula, "There are a number of reasons we are making this shift, but the most important one is culture,” Eucalyptus said in a blog post."If we truly are an open source company, does it make sense for us to develop closed-source intellectual property, tightly control access to that information, and use it primarily as a way to drive direct business unit revenue?" What lies ahead in the Open Cloud Wars?"
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Eucalyptus: We're More Open Than Other Open Clouds

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