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Submission + - W3C declare DRM in scope for HTML, big business supports Web DRM - Schism looms (w3.org) 1

FredAndrews writes: The W3C has ruled DRM in-scope for their HTML standard. A lot of big businesses have supported advancing the Encrypted Media Extension (EME), including Google, Microsoft, and Netfix. The BBC calls for a solution with legal sanstions. The EME could well be used to implement a DRM HTML engine. A DRM enabled web would break a long tradition of the web browser being the User's Agent, and would restrict user choice and control over their security and privacy. There are other applications that can serve the purpose of viewing DRM video content, and I appeal to people to not taint the web standards with DRM but to please use other applications when necessary.
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W3C declare DRM in scope for HTML, big business supports Web DRM - Schism looms

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  • So what else is new?

    When ICANN was first formed it was declared that ICANN will do everything for the Netizens.

    Guess what?

    ICANN allied themselves with TPTB

    The purpose of W3C was also for the benefit of the users, the netizens

    Now ... just like its cousin ICANN, it's allying itself with TPTB

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