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+ - Scientists Create Human Embryonic Stem Cells With 3D Printer->

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halls-of-valhalla writes "Researchers from the University of Edinburgh have developed a cell printer that can be used to print living embryonic stem cells. The printer is able to print uniform-size droplets of cells in a careful enough way such as to keep the cells alive and able to develop into other kinds of cells. These new techniques could potentially be used to make realistic human tissues for testing new drugs and for growing new replacement organs.

Human embryonic stem cells are obtained from human embryos, and are capable of growing into any other kind of human cell. Because of this, stem cells have been of great interest to scientists for research and for their potential to be used for regenerative medicine such as organ replacement, repairing damaged cells, etc.

In the study, 95% of the cells were found to have survived 24 hours after being printed which indicates that the printing process is relatively safe for the cells. After three days, more than 89% of the cells remained alive, and they tested positive for a marker of their pluripotency (which is their potential to develop into other kinds of cells)."

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Scientists Create Human Embryonic Stem Cells With 3D Printer

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