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+ - Technology: Study Says Workforce Wants Windows 8 Tablets, not iPads->

Submitted by
Todd Matthews
Todd Matthews writes "A new report from the firm has found that 200 million information workers would prefer to purchase a Windows tablet than an iPad.

This number represents quite a jump from projected sales of Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet in Q4 2012, which are likely to max out at just under the one million mark according to the IDC. However, the Surface RT runs Windows RT, which doesn’t support desktop applications.

This means the PC software maker could be seeing a much more lucrative launch with its second self-
branded tablet, the Surface Pro, which hits stores this month. Unlike the Surface for Windows RT, the Pro model comes with the full version of Windows 8 and Intel’s Core i5 Ivy Bridge processor, making it a more optimal laptop replacement for workers.

The Microsoft executive also revealed that 60 million Windows 8 licenses have been sold so far, which is on par with the number of Windows 7 licenses sold in the same time frame."

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Technology: Study Says Workforce Wants Windows 8 Tablets, not iPads

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