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+ - Making the Mobile Web Faster->

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CowboyRobot writes "Kate Matsudaira, writing for the ACM, explains why accessing the Web on mobile devices is often so slow, and what can be done on the back-end to speed it up.
The mobile Web is about as slow as the desktop Web was ten years ago. Part of the reason why is that many sites are bloated with dozens or even hundreds of HTTP requests per page. We may not notice the consequences of that on a desktop, which is what has allowed designers to get away with it for so long. Another of the several problems is that many mobile sites require one or more redirects since the content is at '' instead of 'www.domain,com'. The suggested solutions include: Use CSS instead of images where possible to minimize HTTP requests; avoid redirects and minimize DNS lookups; use HTTP pipelining and SPDY; and avoid or minimize cookies."

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Making the Mobile Web Faster

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