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+ - Lenovo's 'Protect and Attack' Strategy Works Despite PC Market Slump-> 1

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DavidGilbert99 writes "Lenovo has just published its results for the final three months of 2012 — and unlike the PC market as a whole, the Chinese company is growing rather than contracting.

While the global PC market contracted by something like 7 percent in 2012, Lenovo has now seen 15 consecutive quarters where it has beaten the industry as a whole.

It puts alot of this down to its Protect and Attack strategy, of consolidating existing profitable divisions, such as commercial PC sales and its Chinese businesses, while seeking out new areas of growth such as smartphones, tablets and smart TVs, was the reason behind the company's continued growth.

Maybe a few other PC manufacturers could learn a thing or two from Lenovo..."

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Lenovo's 'Protect and Attack' Strategy Works Despite PC Market Slump

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  • Is Lenovo really doing anything different than what any business would do faced with a challenging environment? It all seems to boil down to on what bets you place your chips. Even for Lenovo there is not an infinite supply of resources to count on when making business decisions. The real question is how is society as a whole benefiting?

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