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+ - The End of an Era, Intel Exits Motherboard Market->

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MojoKid writes "News directly from Intel today notes that the company will stop developing new desktop motherboards once the launch of its next-gen Haswell architecture is completed, sometime later this year. This move does not impact Intel’s desktop chipset plans and Intel will support and warranty all of the current products it sells, through the full stated warranty period included with the specific product. Intel also plans on launching and shipping its Haswell-based products for 2013 under its normal sales terms, and will expect deliveries to continue through the normal life of those products (usually 18 months from launch). But post-Haswell, Intel will cease production of standard desktop motherboards. The fact of the matter is Intel-branded motherboards did not comprise a large portion of the desktop motherboard market, in light of partners like ASUS and Gigabyte, and Intel has decided to shift resources. The move is an obvious reflection of current PC market conditions and the significant trend towards smaller and mobile form factors. In addition, Intel plans to significantly invest in the growing All-in-One ecosystem, which has shown roughly 30% growth over the last few years."
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The End of an Era, Intel Exits Motherboard Market

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