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Submission + - Dead Space 3 Preview: Game Over For Lifeless Visceral Game?->

DavidGilbert99 writes: "Ed Smith, writing for the International Business Times UK, doesn't hold out much hope for the third in the space exploration series:

"My initial reactions to Dead Space 3 are negative, but that doesn't mean I want the game, or Visceral, to fail. If Dead Space 3 launches and it's excellent, then that would be great — I love being surprised. If it's not, if it truly is and remains all of the bad things revealed by the hands-on, then too bad, but here's hoping Visceral, EA and Dead Space can do something great the next time around.

Right now, Dead Space 3 feels lazy, tired and cynical. Nevertheless, we're still rooting for it and can't wait to try out the finished game when it lands in February.""

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Dead Space 3 Preview: Game Over For Lifeless Visceral Game?

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