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+ - Sri Lankan Meteroite claimed to contain fossilized extraterrestrial diatoms-> 1

Submitted by tbg58
tbg58 writes: An article in the January 10 issue of the Journal of Cosmology reports the discovery of diatom frustules in a carbonaceous meteorite which fell in Sri Lanka in December of last year. The article includes micrographs of structures in the meteorite which resemble fossilized diatoms. If verified, the significance of this find is historic.
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Sri Lankan Meteroite claimed to contain fossilized extraterrestrial diatoms

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  • The article is most interesting but fails to systematically address the nature of the sediment in which the supposed meteorite precisely fell. With high impact, should the meteorite have fallen in a sedimentary bed, a high probability given the sample is from Sri Lanka, that the "meteorite" could not have been contaminated by fossils from the surrounding sediment. Ockham's razor would suggest that a nearby site of origin be excluded before an extraterrestrial origin be offered as an explanation.

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