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Submission + - Microsoft May Shove An 8-Core Processor Into Its Next Xbox->

iwritethings writes: "To put it simply, Microsoft’s next addition to the Xbox line, if it
lives up to the rumors, could shape up to be quite a monster. A new
diagram has laid out various components that could make an appearance
in the forthcoming Xbox 720. Most notably, we could be seeing a
whopping 8-core processor that clocks in at 1.6GHz. This essentially
means that the device will come with some impressive multitasking
capabilities, allowing players to zip through hefty gaming titles.
Players may also see some noteworthy enhancements when it comes to
visuals, as the diagram showcased an 800MHz graphics card. This is a
vast improvement over the 500MHz GPU found in the current Xbox."

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Microsoft May Shove An 8-Core Processor Into Its Next Xbox

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