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Submission + - Getty / Google Deal Raises Copyright Questions; Upsets Photographers (

An anonymous reader writes: It was recently discovered that Getty Images has licensed thousands of its contributors' images to Google. The images come primarily from iStockPhoto (but other Getty subsidiaries are also included) and are now available for free usage to Google Drive users. Although some of the images normally sell for several hundred dollars per download, image creators received a one time payment of either $6 or $12 per image in this deal that releases their images to thousands of end users. Meta data, attribution to the contributors, and restrictions on usage appear to have been removed leading to potential confusion over copyright and concerns that model released imagery will be used for purposes that violate the contracts amongst the models, photographers, and the stock agency. Legal questions are being raised as to whether these images can be redistributed by Google under the license agreement. Upset photographers and illustrators are planning a mass removal of their content from Getty and its subsidiaries on February 2nd.
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Getty / Google Deal Raises Copyright Questions; Upsets Photographers

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