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+ - Coder Outsources Own Job to China->

Submitted by Lucas123
Lucas123 (935744) writes "A software developer working for a large U.S. critical infrastructure company hired a Chinese firm to do his job so he could spend time surfing Reddit and watching cat videos, according to a blog post by Verizon security researcher Andrew Valentine. According to Valentine, Verizon was asked by the infrastructure company to investigate some strange activity in VPN logs for a network that was set up to let remote workers securely log into corporate networks. Sure enough, the VPN logs showed an open and active VPN connection originating from Shenyang, China. Perhaps most puzzling of all was the fact that a software developer's login credentials were being used to login from China while he was at his desk. "VPN logs showed him logged in from China, yet the employee [was] right there, sitting at his desk, staring into his monitor," the post said."
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Coder Outsources Own Job to China

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