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+ - New Facebook Search Engine Analyzes All Content In Your Network->

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iwritethings writes "If you felt like Facebook didn’t already know you pretty well, the
social media site is about to get a lot more personalized. At a press
event on Tuesday CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the website’s new Graph
Search function. This feature is engineered to combine phrases in
order to pull up results based on the friends, photos, and locations
shared in your network. It also responds to specific and lengthy
search queries much more accurately than traditional Web-based
engines. For example, you can search “My friends who live in Palo
Alto, California and like Game of Thrones,” and Facebook will pull up
a list of friends who watch the TV show. It’s also important to know
that Graph Search will be based on your current privacy settings."

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New Facebook Search Engine Analyzes All Content In Your Network

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