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+ - Transitioning from Teaching Science to Educational App Development

Submitted by crrieger
crrieger (300903) writes "As a teacher, we are increasingly being encouraged to incorporate our school's iPads into the curriculum, but the available apps related to high school chemistry are sparse, with most being weak. There are many reference and periodic table apps, but none that really guide a student through a topic such as bonding or easily allow the iPad to be integrated as a lab tool. I want these tools to support classroom instruction and provide alternative ways to teach important topics. Given most of our technology money in the past few years has been directed at iPads and other mobile devices, I know this trend will be with us in the classroom for the long haul.

After coming up with many solid chemistry app ideas that would benefit my students, I am seriously looking into developing my own marketable apps for other educators. I would appreciate advice from any developers or other educators who have pursued similar goals so I look into the right educational paths."
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Transitioning from Teaching Science to Educational App Development

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