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The Military

+ - U.S. Military deploying to Africa spring 2013->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The US is planning to build up its presence in Africa throughout 2013. Training will commence in nearly three dozen African countries.

US troops will head specifically to Libya, Sudan, Algeria and Niger in order to prepare for any advances from al-Qaeda linked groups. Americans will also train and equip forces in Kenya and Somalia, reportedly, in order to stand up to al-Shabab militants.

“But what's going on in the continent”, says Africa expert Richard Downie, “cannot be addressed by just providing military training and equipment. There are underlying causes of unrest and extremism: poverty, lack of health care and education, and predatory governments.” Downie says those are the challenges the U.S. and other countries must tackle. Better organizations, says Downie, would be the State Department and the Agency for International Development.

Despite the noble intentions and important precautions the US is taking- will this country be able to avoid getting sucked into another long term, unnecessary, costly, and perhaps impossible conflict? There will be many costs- but it is difficult to see what the US can gain from this endeavor."

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U.S. Military deploying to Africa spring 2013

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