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+ - Facebook plans to pay-wall the mobile internet using beggar thy neighbor tactics-> 1 1

Submitted by cheeni
cheeni writes: Facebook tied up with Reliance, one of India's top telcos to offer unlimited 3G access to Facebook and its IM network for about 30 US cents a month. No access to anything else on the Internet except at significantly higher metered rates.

This balkanization of the mobile internet landscape in a large market like India is a very worrying trend. As it stands, network neutrality over mobile Internet appears at threat in various parts of the world, including the UK and the US.

I can't help noting that a society with unlimited mobile access to Wikipedia would look very different from one with unlimited access to Facebook. If net neutrality weren't enough, one feels compelled to object on other grounds, perhaps mental health?

This latest move is in keeping with Facebook's mobile strategy aimed at desktop users of its website who won't turn full fledged mobile consumers unless they acquire better phones or better plans. In keeping with this, Facebook launched a cut-rate SIM card service last year in Argentina targeting non-smart phone users over SMS.

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Facebook plans to pay-wall the mobile internet using beggar thy neighbor tactics

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