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+ - Ask Slashdot: IPv6 multihoming: reality or far future?->

Submitted by futhermocker
futhermocker (2667575) writes "Since governments and businesses are moving to IPv6, I would like to do that as well. Next to speed and security advantages and the like, it would enable me to allocate a unique IP address for devices such as servers or security cams.
Of course it will still be a single link and in that respect not much different from IPv4 multhoming using LAN routing, but having multiple addresses would really be an advantage as each device could get its own DNS name.

My cable broadband provider is already experimenting by allocating IPv6 blocks to companies. If it becomes available for the public I would really like to tag on. But when searching for this topic, loads of "drafts" and experiments and information on expensive and/or complicated routing hardware bubbles up, but no real implementations.

My question would be: is IPv6 a thing from the far future or can I prepare myself for IPv6 as a "consumer", for instance, by installing a custom Linux to act as a multhome router and start using it on my LAN?"

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Ask Slashdot: IPv6 multihoming: reality or far future?

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