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+ - Briton's Hunger for Smart TVs Leaving Them Open to Attack->

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DavidGilbert99 writes: "According to Ofcom, almost one-in-seven Britons own an internet-connected smart television, letting them surf the web, play media from connected USB drives, and make video calls with friends and family. However, a security consultancy has found that all of these smart features can be taken over and controlled by hackers.

The vulnerability can allow criminals to search USB drives connected to your TV for sensitive financial information, usernames and passwords; install malicious software, access the TV's SecureStorage accounts, and even watch and listen to viewers using built-in webcams and microphones.

Samsung has yet to comment on the vulnerability, and there is no suggestion any criminals have used the security hole yet, but many Samsung TV owners will be now worrying that they are the ones being watched."

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Briton's Hunger for Smart TVs Leaving Them Open to Attack

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